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Importing Outcomes—Where is the best starting point?

Question asked by Ariel Jagusztyn on Nov 14, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2018 by Ariel Jagusztyn

I have created groups at the Account level for outcomes that match all of my sub accounts (Account Level > Diploma Program > Specific Program > Various Courses). Then, I go into each sub account and I add the appropriate group. My main issue is what is the best practice (or does it matter) from where I import the outcomes into each course?


For example, because I have added them at the Account Level (Akilah Institute), when I click find, I can start from there and go down. However, I have also added them to two levels below. So, I can go to the Diploma Program level and move down, or go to the Specific Diploma Program and move down. See a screenshot below from a Leadership course.


I have followed this structure according to our institution:


  • School > Diploma Program > Specific Program > Course > Outcomes
  • Bold indicates a Group/Folder created within the Outcomes Tool


Can anyone let me know or direct me where I should look to discover the best method. I have already read Best practices in setting up Outcomes and the answer is not there.


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