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Using download/upload to add scores to existing gradebook?

Question asked by A Y on Dec 15, 2018
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I am using Canvas with Mastering Chemistry, which means a Canvas gradebook was automatically created for my class that contains their Mastering Chemistry homework scores.  I have not used the gradebook for anything else.   However, it's now the end of the semester, and I thought it would be nice to provide students with all their scores for exams, quizzes, etc. in the gradebook (they already have these, so this would enable them to check that all their scores have been properly entered), as well as their final letter grade.


I don't want to enter them manually, since they are already in an Excel spreadsheet.  What is the best way to add them to the existing gradebook?  I have downloaded the gradebook from Canvas.  Should I simply add their quiz/lab/exam/etc. scores starting with the first column after all the Mastering Chemistry scores end (column AZ, in my case), upload it, and publish?  


Alternately, if I give the gradebook a different name and then upload and publish it, will it overwrite the existing gradebook, or create a new gradebook?  If the latter is the case, then I could make a much cleaner summary gradebook for the students (in which I keep only the identifying info. in columns A - F,  and enter the quiz/lab/exam/etc. scores after this), without concern about deleting their Mastering Chemistry grade info.


I'll add I want to be very careful about this, because I don't want to accidentally do this in a way that enables every student to see every other student's score, not merely his or her own.


Finally, when searching this subject, I found a question from another poster in which it's mentioned one can't enter comments into the gradebook.  This suggests to me it might take numeric input only, in which case I would be unable to post their letter grades.


I did read through this:  How do I upload changes to the Gradebook? 

But I was confused by some of the terminology.  Would each new column I add be considered a "New Assignment"?Note that I don't want to assign students new work, I just want them to see their scores for test/quizzes/etc. they've already done.