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Create a digital workbook in a Canvas course

Discussion created by Tobe Baeyens on Jan 7, 2019
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In Canvas there are Quizzes, assignments and modules, but there isn't a digital workbook.

Our teachers often use workbooks on paper or through Google Docs or Microsoft OneNote Class Notebook to create and deliver interactive lessons.

A digital workbook is a document that contains text, images, video's and questions. Students can answer the questions while they stay in the workbook, and the teacher can mark the workbook digitally (OneNote Class Notebook).

We have had some problems with our Office 365 integration so we would like to find a way within Canvas to create workbooks.

I came up with some ideas:

  • Modules with pages and quizzes. Pages can introduce content. Quizzes can have the questions.
    • + students can work step by step through the modules. New chapters can become available when the previous chapter has been completed.
    • - sometimes questions can be very short, and in Canvas you always have to create a complete quiz. Even if it only contains one question.
  • Quizzes. A question can contain the question and the content (text, images, video's).
    • + Statistics are more useful because there can be one quiz for one chapter.
    • - Every page will have maximum one question at the bottom.
  • Assignments. Students download a Word document that contains content and questions (like the OneNote Notebook). Students complete all the questions in the Word document and submit their version.
    • + It's exactly like the proces we have now.
    • - Students have to download and upload documents.
    • - The teacher has to mark everything by hand.

How do they create interactive workbooks at your institution?