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Automatically Assign Peer Reviews

Question asked by Dale Drees Expert on Jul 14, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2015 by Canvas Admin

Is anyone else having problems with not all the students being evaluated on  a peer review when you select automatically assign peer reviews? I have a professor who setup assignments in three courses with the automatic assign peer review option but when we take a close look in this week's assignment not all student's submissions are being reviewed. At first glance you see that all students have someone to review but when you take a closer look some student's submissions are being reviewed more than once and some student's are not having there papers looked at all. Talked with Live Chat a minute ago and they said the assignment is setup properly but did not know why some students were being left out. Did not know if this happens with the automatic assign option or a known issue or just an isolated issue- would hate to tell the professor to use the manual option???