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Using Canvas Information as Evidence

Question asked by Kevin Ta on Jan 14, 2019
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I am an SJSU grad student and I have completed a course, but have talked with other classmates and noticed inconsistencies between the grades he has given out and the overall percentages. For example, some people got a 60 with a B+, a 63 with an A-, and 68 with C+.


I and several other students have tried to contact him directly, but he refuses to answer our emails and he also refuses to answer emails the majority of the time during the course as well.


I know that it is possible to access past submitted assignments, but he forced the class to to submit everything by email and then directly entered the grades into canvas himself. Do there are no submissions for me to access.


I decided to contact the dean and the department about it, but no longer have access to that course in canvas. Would he be able to change the grades on canvas after the fact in order to make it look like I and other people are lying about this?


Because I’m hoping that the University would have a way to access that information and that I can use it as evidence.


Would they need his permission to get the grading information for his course?


I would appreciate any advice and information on this.