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Is there a way to download all student submissions in a CANVAS discussion to Excel (or spreadsheet format)?

Question asked by Tonya Hartman on Jan 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2019 by Tonya Hartman

I am collecting data from individual discussions for several purposes (e.g. word count calculation, grading, identifying trends, summarizing key themes, measuring/analyzing student to student interaction, collecting information to improve instructional design, etc.). Currently, I am manually copying and pasting name, date/time submitted, and comment into an Excel spreadsheet. This is very time consuming and prone to error. I tried a full copy/paste of the entire discussion into a Word document as well as a pdf file to see if it could be manipulated into spreadsheet form, and I wasn't successful. Any suggestions? Or is this something that should be directed to CANVAS as a new feature for vote?