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LTI launch url with localhost address for development

Question asked by Arulselvan Kumarasamy on Jan 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2019 by Arulselvan Kumarasamy

I am new to LTI integration and i am working as Tool provider using .net. I have generated consumer key and shared secret. Also i do have the launch URL as "http://localhost:60856/oauth/LtiLaunch" i am not sure how to test this with Tool Consumer (Schoology/ Canvas). Also i tried using But still shows error and i am not sure what is the error. 


Please let me know if there any way i can provide my localhost address while the tool provider is in the development to get the outcomes from the Tool Consumer. I saw what are all columns available in the outcomes through the documents. But if i see in the development, i should get redirected to my localhost with the LtiRequest details i could be able to complete the development.


Please anyone can help me on this issue.