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Discussion feature - save as draft and subject headers?

Question asked by Michelle Lamberson on Jan 19, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2019 by Heather Crook

Hi there,


One of the things that has helped me in teaching over the years is the ability to create draft posts/replies in the discussion, save it, and go back and finish later. Is there a "save as draft" capability in the discussion tool that I am missing?


In addition, in threaded discussions, I'm used to having a  subject header (allows students to post their thread, and other students to find it easily). Is there a configuration for the discussion that allows one to post a subject? Or is there only the initial forum post?  I ask my students to use the first line of their post to post the subject (so others can find it easily when the forums are collapsed) but I did not know if there was perhaps a configuration that is missing?


On that subject, is there a setting that allows one to have the default for discussions to collapse the replies (save scrolling), as opposed to  wide open? Again, so people can rapidly scan a list of posts for specific content.


Thank you!

Michelle Lamberson