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Quiz settings in Canvas-I think I have found a flaw.

Question asked by Betty Simkins on Jan 25, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2019 by Kona Jones

I have an urgent problem and I suspect it is a flaw in Canvas (unless there is something else I am not doing correctly).  Canvas is showing the quiz questions after a students submits it but before the date indicated to show the questions. Attached are images of how I have the quiz set.  I do not want students to see any of the quiz until after January 28th (no questions or answers until then). (Note: This is a homework assignment but I was planning to use the same setting on our upcoming exam.) A student had the graded quiz on her laptop and it showed all questions and what she had missed on January 24th.  It did not display the correct answers  if she missed a question but it showed all of her responses.  In Brightspace, we were able to not have the quiz Q&A visible until the date we chose and I am trying to do this with Canvas.  Am I doing something wrong?  


Note: This could be a problem for other instructors when students take proctored exams over a three day window in online classes. The instructor may think questions will be hidden  until the deadline when in reality, the students can see them after submission. This could lead to a lot of cheating on exams.  Thank you for your assistance!