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Help Please - Dates on Mastery Paths Disappearing!

Question asked by Sara Davick on Jan 2, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2019 by KEITH THOMSEN

Our class is a self-paced class and our students are moving through the content at their own speed. This means that students are accessing the same assignments at different times over a period of several weeks.


We use Mastery Paths on a daily basis and used it very happily last year without much trouble but we have run into a problem this year.


At the end of each lesson, our students take a "checkpoint" to see if they are ready to move to the next lesson. If they don't pass the checkpoint (a Canvas Quiz) the Mastery Paths assigns them more practice work. 


Last year we would go in and add a date to the assignment after the first student had been given the assignment by Mastery Paths. (The date could not be assigned ahead of time because the "Assign To" box was only created after Mastery Paths assigned the first student.) The date would stay in the "Assign To" box and as new students reached the assignment Mastery Paths would add their name to the "Assign To" box.


This year the due dates keep disappearing! We think it might be happening every time a new student is assigned to the assignment by Mastery Paths. We have to go in and give the assignment a new date every day. This is a huge pain and it is not sustainable in our case (we have to do this for 15-20 assignments every day). If we wait to add the due date after the final student has been assigned by Mastery Paths it may be three or four weeks after the first student completed the assignment. That means the grade from that assignment doesn't show up in the grade book for any of the students until after the final student completes it. This is not a viable option.


The Chief Technology Officer at our institution contacted Canvas about this and was told that this is the way Mastery Paths has always worked. I KNOW this isn't the way it worked for us last year. Has anyone else run into this problem? Is it new for you?