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Accessing a Course as a Student (Dual Roles)

Question asked by meganm-b on Sep 9, 2015
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Original Topic Title: I'm signed up as both a student and a teacher for a course. How can I go to the page as a student?


I am a student organizing a self-study study group, and so I created a course on Canvas for it as a teacher (which I was able to do from my student Canvas account). I also added my account as a student so I could turn in the assignments and then add the grade from the teacher view. However, I can only view the page as a teacher and I cannot figure out how to go to the page as a student. I can do the "student view" option, but that only lets me test features as a test student, and I need to see the page as myself. Does someone know how I can go on as a student instead of as teacher?


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