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Bug in Audio Upload

Question asked by Anirudh Mana on Feb 12, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2019 by Anirudh Mana


I was wondering why the audio upload display was changed in Canvas. We have been using audio uploads for our Quizzes and it worked fine without any hassle, but recently the way it is displayed in the quizzes has changed as shown below -



Current working preview of an audio file on Canvas page/quiz:

Previous working preview of an audio file on Canvas page/quiz:


The new preview looks more like a 'thumbnail display' for a video preview and when you do click the play button, it just opens a big display and you need to click play again to actually 'play' the audio file. 


Note : The way I upload the audio has not changed, I follow the same process - Record/Upload media-> Upload media ->Select audio file.


Is anyone else facing the same issue? I know functionally it seems to work okay but defeats the purpose of an audio upload in canvas.


Does this need a fix? Any help would be appreciated!