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Assigning Quizzes (Everyone - Section - Small Group within Everyone/Section)

Question asked by Alissa McMillan on Dec 17, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2019 by James Jones

I have a teacher that has created two versions of a test, one version being for a small group of students within a larger section of students (the small group is more of an accommodation group: less questions, less MC answers, etc...).


I know the quiz can be assigned to individual students, BUT how do I exclude those students from being assigned the quiz for the larger (no accommodation) section (since they are included in this larger section of students)?


When assigning in Quizzes, the "Everyone" group does not expand to where I can remove users from being assigned the quiz (this group also includes multiple sections). I can choose sections to assign, but the students that need the accommodation version are still included in those sections...


We sync grades with PowerSchool - I think creating their own section would be out of the question for syncing purposes...


Thanks for any help you can give! :)