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Excusing Credit Transfers in Canvas

Question asked by Ann Donnarumma on Feb 7, 2019
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We are an RTO in Australia who delivers nationally accredited Qualifications with all written assessments on Canvas.

We have an API link from our AVETMISS Software called Vettrak to Canvas where we map the unit in Vettrak to the Unit in Canvas so on completion the results transfer over to Vettrak with the click of a button. This is all working great.


The challenge we need solved is where we have students enrol from other schools with credits for units they have already completed.   In Vettrak we would put this unit down as a credit and it would be completed.

However in Canvas, this unit may have 9 assessment pieces all of which have to be 'excused' separately one by one student by student to completed excuse this student from the unit with a credit. Its a very manual labour intensive job.


We have already mapped the unit in Canvas, told Vettrak that this unit has a credit, so how can the data travel back from Vettrak to Canvas to excuse each assessment piece connected to the header of this unit. Electronically excuse the unit and all the components?


There must be other RTOs trying to do this?

Can you please advise how?