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Discussion created by Kelley L. Meeusen Champion on Oct 2, 2017
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I just created my first quiz in my sandbox.  Since I have 10 dummy student accounts enrolled in this course, I thought I would test Moderation. However, when I open Moderation the only person listed on the roster is myself, and it is displaying that I am attempting the quiz and am "In Progress".  The quiz was not published, I did not attempt it, and my course role is Teacher not Student. Furthermore, the Moderation Guide states,

"The Moderation Page includes the names of each student who completed the assessment..."



  • Moderation must list the entire student roster,
  • And you must be able to moderate time limits for students prior to an attempt, especially if you are required to extend time limits in response to an ADA accommodation.
  • Course builder (teacher or equivalent role) should not be shown as having attempted the quiz, let alone as being "In Progress", and especially without a method or tool for canceling or submitting that attempt.


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