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Limiting Full Name Access

Question asked by Matthew Palladinetti on Mar 4, 2019
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Referencing this:  How do I change the settings in my user account as a student? 


In our system Full Name, holds a students legal name.   Short Name holds a students preferred name.  Due to some privacy concerns, especially around gender privacy issues we are trying to limit legal name to faculty eyes only, and especially do not want areas where other students can see both legal and preferred names.


Unfortunately "Full Name" is being used in People and Chat.   While we could probably disable People and make up our own displayed roster if needed for student view, Chat however is used heavily enough to not be able to remove and uses Full Name.    Why this doesn't follow the same rule for displaying name as Discussions and Conversations I have no idea.   Has anyone come across this?  If so what have you done?  Also would anyone see an issue if Chat was changed to show "Display Name" instead of Full?