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Question asked by Sara Davick on Mar 13, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2019 by Sara Davick

Currently, I believe that in the original quizzes if a time limit is put on a quiz, the time continues running even if the window has been closed. Is this purposeful?


When a student is unable to finish their test and needs to stop at the end of class and resume at a later time, the clock continues to run and time runs out before they can return and finish the test. 


I would love to see the option to set a time limit for quizzes that allows for a student to close the window and have the timer stop running until the test is reopened. 


It seems as if it would be more useful to have a timer that is only running when the test if actually open and being taken. We have been unable to use the feature because there are too many times we need to discontinue a test and resume it at a later time.