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Exclude TAs from getting tasks in "To-do list"

Question asked by Øystein Varhaug on Mar 13, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2019 by Øystein Varhaug

In our school we need peer teachers to observe many courses, so that everyone has an overview over the total amount of work for the students. We tried making everyone "observers", but then they were put into one of the sections in each course, resulting in viewing only that section - 1/4 of the course. As parents are also observers, we are unable to change that role.

We tried making them TAs, which fixed the issue; now everyone can see everything. However, TAs also get the workload from each course into their To-do list. This ends up being an unbearably long, messy, and utterly useless list for the teachers - being a teacher for, say 3 courses, and on top of that getting the tasks and tests from every other course, as a TA.

The question is: How can a user remain a TA, but NOT get the tasks and tests from the relevant courses in their To-do list?