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Disappearing Graphics

Discussion created by Panda Giant on Feb 23, 2018
Latest reply on May 7, 2020 by Corinna Jobe

Hi, My Follow Pandas, 


I know it is a known issue but it kept coming back and haunting my courses. My course banners sometimes won't display, neither do some of the embedded pictures in the pages. I have double checked, the link is definitely correct and no file is corrupted. I know it because these disappearing graphics will reappear, the only thing you don't know is when they will. 


Have the Canvas tech support solved the disappearing graphics glitch? Or is there any fix to tweak this problem?

I cannot replicate the problem since it is so random. I don't know which graphic will disappear and reemerge. If my impression is not mistaken, JPGs with comparatively larger size tended to be a victim. 


By the way, some pages loaded quite slow after the recent updates, am I the only one?


Scott Dennis Seth Johnson