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Shared Files in a BluePrint Course with Office 365 Integration. How are you doing it?

Question asked by Kevin Wagenmaker on Mar 14, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2019 by Ken Black

I've been working with several instructors who are managing blueprint courses. We are an Office 365 institution. In some cases, we have multiple instructors managing a single blueprint course (contributing dept heads, etc.). These instructors would like to contribute to a shared OneDrive folder and integrate that (the files contained in the folder) into the blueprint course...and then have that share out to the associated courses. 


This would be beneficial in that instructors can update course documents from one shared folder and those updates will reflect in the links within the (blueprint) modules in the associated courses. 


This might be a pipe dream but has anyone been through file sharing and blueprints? What are your experiences?


I know I could have them set the individual contents of the folder to view only and share the url to each file in the modules...but the integration is much smoother!