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Content gets REPEATEDLY deleted, implement a "history" feature?

Question asked by Dimitris Platis on Mar 17, 2019
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I have been using Canvas for some days now in order to set up a course and I am honestly very frustrated and angered by its behavior. One would call me a rather "advanced" internet/computer user, so I believe my level of expertise should definitely be among the use cases you have been planning for.


The story is like this, I am trying to set up a course description and I have written some parts of it AT LEAST 3 FREAKING TIMES and for some reason, in the end it ends up not being there. Once, this was due to being logged in "the student view" in another browser tab. Another time, I think it was due to having forgotten another window open and somehow overwriting my newly added content. This last time, I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY MY CONTENT DISAPPEARED.


I could just say "fix it" and I would be justifiably entitled to do so, but instead I will STRONGLY suggest you to implement a "history" feature so even if you don't fix your system, someone does not have to write things over and over again, or be forced to use an external editor that ACTUALLY WORKS AS INTENDED.