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Student annotations cached locally on device

Question asked by Kaitlyn Thursby on Apr 28, 2019
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I am piloting using Canvas at our school.

As I understand it from these threads: (Save annotations on PDF filesRe: Student Annotations), student annotations using DocViewer are stored locally on the device and do not sync to the web.

My students use iPads (and the iOS app) to access Canvas.  If a student uses another device (phone, computer), they do not have access to their annotations.  It is also my understanding that if the app is updated, the annotations are lost.  

Annotations on submissions are flattened and remain in tact.  


Am I correct in my understanding?


Is there any word on future development of having these annotations saved on the file so that students do not lose their work?  I see this becoming a major hindrance in getting my school to convert to Canvas.