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Muting an assignment does not mute comments?

Question asked by Ken Black Expert on Apr 20, 2015
Latest reply on May 9, 2019 by Debi Griggs

I had an instructor ask me exactly when students can see comments if more than one instructor is working on an assignment at the same time.  I was all set to prepare my usual "be sure to MUTE the assignment" email when I tried a bit of an experiment just to make sure. 


I found that if even if an assignment is muted, a student CAN read any submitted comments and even (if they are savvy enough to click the VIEW FEEDBACK button) to read comments in the crocodoc submission.  I double-checked the Canvas documentation, and they are careful to state that students do not receive any notifications regarding comments, etc., but I never realized that if a student got nosy and clicked on the assignment link in the gradebook they could still see both the crocodoc comments as well as general comments in the COMMENT box!  Below is a screen capture from a student login of the GRADES area of a sample assignment, and even though the assignment has been muted, if the student clicks on the "comment" word balloon or clicks the VIEW FEEDBACK button, they CAN see the comments.  Is this by design?  I had always assumed muted meant muted.

muted assignment comment.jpg