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Speedgrader Question: Quiz vs Assignment

Question asked by Christopher Kim on May 7, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2020 by Kevin Hoke

Is there a way to setup speedgrader for a quiz the same way that is can be setup for an assignment?  When I use speedgrader for an assignment file upload, I can see the file that the student uploaded, use the rubric, and mark up the file that was uploaded.  I cannnot do the same thing with the quiz version.  Am I doing something wrong?  Am I missing a settting?  Please see attached PDF file.  


My Objective:

I have the students complete a chemistry lab.  The lab contains:

- 2 prelab questions  (2 items)

- submission of collected data  (2 items)

- submission of 4 graphs (4 items)

- submission of final calculations (1 item)

The students would write out all their work in their lab notebooks.  They would take a picture or use a PDF of what they completed and uploaded it for each different item into Canvas.  This works well in Canvas if I created 9 different assignments, but then the overall lab grade is split up into 9 different assignments in the gradebook.  I could use the quiz file upload and have multiple questions, but then, as I mentioned above, I don't see a "preview" of the file that they uploaded.   Any suggestions?  I could have them upload one single PDF for all of the items and create it as an assignment.  (This maybe the only way to go.)


Any input would be great.