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Should settings for a quiz migration be set in Quizzes.Next if supported?

Question asked by Andrea G Schmidt on May 8, 2019
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Looking at, I would expect the supported items to have migrated correctly from Quizzes to Quizzes.Next, but am seeing quite a few problems. 


For the following settings in Quizzes, should they migrate correctly to Quizzes.Next? 

Time Limit: x MinutesNo time limit in migrated quiz
Allow multiple attempts, Quiz Score to Keep, Allowed AttemptsStudents are only able to take the quiz once
Let students see their quiz responses - uncheckedStudents see correct/incorrect answers immediately after submission


A lot of time will be spent by instructors going through every single question, (especially if they set shuffling answers globally - see, to fix them, now they will also spend significant time fixing settings for things I would expect to have migrated correctly.

If the settings should migrate if supported, I'll file a ticket.