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How exactly do Blueprint courses work?

Question asked by Jennifer Carpenter on May 8, 2019
Latest reply on May 11, 2019 by Linda J. Lee

In the courses I've been building this year, I've made buttons and linked pages, quizzes and discussions to these buttons.  This was done to try and keep all of the pages out of the modules and scaring the students (one lesson has over 18 pages!!!).  


My question is, when we push this out as a Blueprint course next year, will the buttons and links still work?


Also, since these course were built to try and help struggling students before they fail the class.  The courses are written based on priority standards, and are to be assigned after a student fails a formative on that standard.  How will teachers be able to assign these courses to the students when the courses are in the Blueprint?  (We hope to load these Blueprint courses into the course card of every teacher who teaches these particular subjects.)