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Can I use VoiceThread in Canvas as a Free-for-Teacher account user?

Question asked by Liuchun Wang on May 26, 2019
Latest reply on May 28, 2019 by Liuchun Wang

I am a Canvas Free-for-Teacher account user. I have a paid VoiceThread account and want to use VoiceThread in Canvas. After some exploration, it seems to me that a free Canvas account user cannot use VoiceThread in Canvas. I am not a techie and this is the first time I try my hands on an LMS. I read Canvas Account Comparisons. In the  Canvas-Enabled External Tool (LTIs) row, it shows that only Roll Call Attendance is available for free account users. But in the Third Party External Apps Management (LTIs), it shows "course level" in the free for teacher column. I do not know what that means. 


My question is "Is there any way that I can use VoiceThread in Canvas"? If it cannot be used by a Free-for-Teacher account user in any way, how much do I need to pay to have a paid Canvas account? I am not an institutional user. I use Canvas for my online learning research project and will probably have at most 50 students.