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Problem with Microsoft 365 Docs & Newsela Loading

Question asked by MzLoo on Sep 26, 2018
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So, Leslie showed me during faculty meeting how to attach files using office 365 cloud assignment 365 online so it's easier for students to submit assignments. However, I've had a few students who only have a "Load" button and it never loads for them. They will press it many times and an error will occur. Some students this happens every assignment, sometimes it happens to random students that previously had access. I've had them log onto office 365 lti 365, switch to Google Chrome, turn off their computers, etc. etc. and nothing works.
Any suggestions? Once I choose "external_tools tool" on submission types, there's no other submission possibilities so the kids have to go to my website and downloaded the notes off there (and email them to me, a struggle) or I have to print it out on paper for them. This tool seems wonderful if it worked 100% of the time.