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Audio not working in Scorm for Safari users.

Question asked by Nicola Langton on May 20, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2020 by Nicola Langton

We are having issues with audio in our scorm-based products.  We have raised a ticket with Instructure but just in case you can help, does anyone have any suggestions?


We have content created by a third party using Articulate Storyline that we deploy in canvas courses as 'assignments'.


Over the past 7 days we have been receiving reports of Audio not working in our SCORM content for Safari users.  For these distance learners, this is the only way they have of accessing the content. A colleague has uploaded the very same content into SCORM Cloud and the content works as expected (

My colleague reports that all of their Safari settings are configured to allow all content from the Canvas SCORM website.


Is there an issue with preventing/blocking the audio and other interactive items in the SCORM package for Safari users?