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Fudge Points and Incomplete Grades

Question asked by Daniel Wexelblatt on Nov 16, 2018
Latest reply on May 17, 2020 by Cynthia Bland

Hi there,


I have been using fudge points to grade all of my quizzes lately, because all of my questions have been short essay answers and it is quite tedious to enter a score in every box for every question. However, something that has come to my attention recently is that some of the quizzes that are being graded using only fudge points are not registering as "completely graded" and therefore not showing up in the gradebook as a score but an icon (and also, therefore not registering in students' individual gradebooks), whereas others graded in the exactly same way are registering as completed and therefore are showing up in the gradebook as a score. While perusing through the Q&A section just now, I noticed somewhere that "quiz scores are incomplete until each question is given a score," so I thought, perhaps, that could be my problem -- that I'm not scoring each question, just assigning fudge points -- and yet, to reiterate, SOME quizzes that I am grading using just fudge points are showing as completed in the gradebook and some are not. Please help.


Also, if I really have to go back and score each question for each student for each quiz I have graded this way, I may go insane. So, anything we can do to avoid that would be great. 


Thanks for your time,


Daniel R Wexelblatt

English Instructor

Lake Tahoe Community College

Western Nevada College