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Single Sign on - Identity Provider - OpenID Connect- Keycloak

Question asked by waker kab on Jun 27, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2019 by Lafayette Duarte



We are trying to integrate a third party identity provider (Keycloak) with Canvas LMS using OpenID Connect protocol to build Single Sign On. We have looked at to guide us configure it. However, the information is not adequate to configure OpenID Connect related information (please see attached screenshot). Could someone please provide us with step by step instructions on what info/value that we need to provide in the attached fields (listed below as well)

- Client ID

- Client Secret

- Authorize URL

- Token URL

- End Session Endpoint

- UserInfor Endpoint

- scope 

- Login Attribute

- Just in Time provisioning

- Federated attributes


As we are not configuring them correctly (we assume), at the end of request/response, Canvas LMS shows a page where it says that "There was a problem logging in Canvas"


We would be grateful for help.


Kindest Regards