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Assignment#2#Item4 Doubt

Question asked by Nav Mannan on Jul 20, 2019
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In Assignment 2: Coding in RStudio, For Item#4, why is the sequence -> 1. install package 2. data(package) 3. mean(dataset$column) 4. library(package). I feel it should be 

1. install package 2. Library(package) 3. data(package) 4. mean(dataset$column). This is what i answered in first attempt and got an incorrect attempt.


Per the Webinar Video - it seem we should 1. install(one time), then 2. load from local library which is library(package) for each session 3. Data(package) - which can be optional if u want to profile the package 4. Finally, find the mean for a particular dataset/dataframe


Attaching the answer returned, which marked an incorrect Item for me. Please advise.Incorrect item#4