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Export attendance for multiple courses/users

Question asked by Austin Wagner on Jul 22, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2019 by Gunther Schurr

Hi all,


My actual question is in the next paragraph, but I think the context here may be helpful. Basically, we're an alternative teaching program in Hungary, not a public school or university - so our students only spend one or two hours in a single course/program weekly. Most of our teachers are externals who are only with us for two hours a week, and only for one or two quarters of the school year. There are new teachers constantly coming in and leaving, so it doesn't make sense for each of them to learn the intricacies of Canvas or make their own attendance reports. We're a small organization (about 300 - 350 students in total), so we're still at a point where we want to be able to track ALL students' attendance easily.


So all that being said, my question is whether it's possible to get the attendance report for multiple (all) courses or multiple (all) students at once. I love that the report comes out as a .csv file, super easy to work with or pop into a data viz tool if needed, the only issue is that if I have to export every single course or user individually and combine hundreds of .csv files into one, it just isn't feasible. Bonus points if there's some way to automatically send/extract the data, like "every Friday at 9:00pm, automatically run the attendance reports for all courses and email to here" would be too amazing to describe


Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions!