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Grades and Group Display

Question asked by Sarah Canatsey on Jun 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2019 by Ken Black

I have a faculty who has weighted grades. When he looks at the student view for an individual student, the assignment groups (at the bottom) show the percentage correct from the group, but not the percentage for the group weighted for the total grade. This means you still have confused students who can’t/won’t figure out the math and then write unnecessary emails to faculty complaining about their grade. 


For example:

                   Raw.       % weight

Group 1..... 85%.    (50% of grade)

Group 2..... 40%.    (10% of grade)

Group 3..... 90%.    (40% of grade)


But, Group 2 is only worth 10% of the grade, so the student has to do the math for how that contributes to their actual score. That would look like:


Group 1: 42.5%

Group 2: 4%

Group 3: 36%


Am I missing a view option to address this or does Canvas really think that’s a clear way to help students understand their grade breakdown?