Ken Mayer

Why doesn't the Assignment description display correctly in Quizzes.Next?

Discussion created by Ken Mayer on Aug 2, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2019 by Kelvin Dean

So the LTI user experience in the app is substandard in so many ways, but it is particularly annoying in how the quiz descriptions are handled.

First when you click on an assignment in the app you are always greeted with these "Details", saying that there is no description for this assignment. But of course, you HAVE written a description. And you would want one telling your students, "Don't waste time on this useless page but scroll over to 'Submissions', which is also useless, but you can click something there..."

The page you see when you click on an assignment in the app. It says "There is no description for this assignment."

When you get to Submissions, you have to open the external tool:

Two buttons in the 'Submission' section, "Add a Comment" "Go to External Tool"

I'm about to demo this to the dean's office and other people. Neither they nor the students will know how to navigate this. The comment one would want to add is "WTF?"

But say that you persist and go to the External Tool.

Lo and behold, there in the Quizzes.Next LTI is the assignment description, which you typed into the regular Canvas Assignment section. 

The name of the assignment and a description for the student on how to type Greek.

Why not put this description in the first page? Why does this material move from Canvas to the LTI, but not other useful material, such as CSS and themes?