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Multiple attempts per problem and allow unique feedback per attempt

Question asked by Alex Moody on Aug 5, 2019
Latest reply on May 13, 2020 by Austin Stolle

When creating a formula question for math or science (I teach physics) I would like to allow multiple attempts per problem. I don't think this is a feature in Canvas but here is why it is needed. A good learning environment allows for a learner to attempt a problem and if wrong then reevaluate to try to identify what they did wrong and fix it. This process of corrective self learning is extremely valuable to problem solving skills.


So in short 1) Add multiple attempts per problem, not just quiz; and 2) Allow unique feedback per attempt which allows the teacher to give tiered feedback trying to help guide the learner if they do need multiple attempts.


By the way, Moodle has these features but my district is going with Canvas.


The idea is if the student solves the problem and gets it wrong they don't have to do a whole other quiz to work on that learning objective. The teacher should be able to see how many tries it takes for a student to get a problem. If after the allowed amount of tries the student is still wrong then they can retake that quiz if so desired. Also, after each incorrect answer a unique feedback should be able to be provided. This allows the teacher to give increasingly helpful hints as the student struggles.