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Where is practical instructor guidance for eportfolios (other than where to click information)?

Question asked by Frederick Prasuhn on Apr 13, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2019 by Stefanie Sanders

I am searching for information, as an instructor, on guiding students using Canvas eportfolios. I spent the afternoon reviewing guides, finding and watching videos, and wondering if I would ever complete my investigative trek.


What I still lack:

  1. I believe that creating a template and making available to students is not possible. This has been requested as a feature. SO, I created a folio with sections and information wanted for each section along with details, questions to consider, etc.  I know I can share my efolio using my share link. Is there a way for students to copy my portfolio and use their copy as the basis for their work?
  2. I have not found, yet, guidance or demonstration for instructors to review portfolios. I know students can copy and send me their portfolio link through an assignment prompt. I do plan to use a rubric, which will be attached to the assignment. It is just nice to know what to expect instead of waiting until it happens.
  3. What other practical and experiential guidance is there that I not exemplified in where to click tutorials?