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Why does 'missing' status for an assignment remain after I enter a grade?

Question asked by Richard Waters on Aug 26, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2019 by Richard Waters

Hello! I use Canvas for a high school math course. Most students turn their assignments in handwritten on paper. Some requested to upload assignments from their tablets. I set the assignments for 'online submission' for the tablet students. The other students I grade by hand and enter into the grade-book. Works fine, except the assignments of the graded-by-hand students now have a status of 'missing' on the student, even though I have entered a grade and the grade is visible to the student.  I can go into each student's grade for each assignment  and change the status to 'none', but I have to do that each assignment for each assignment.

I think that entering a grade should remove the 'missing' status, but it doesn't.


This was not an issue with the old grade-book. We're using the new one.