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Attendance Reports Are Not Clear

Question asked by Begonia Cirera on Sep 3, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2019 by Ken Black

When using the Attendance/Roll Call feature, and you ask for an attendance report for the entire class, it sends the report as an Excel document. However, the document doesn't show the columns in the correct order. For instance, it shows the students that were enrolled on one day, and not another, and it is all shown vertically, instead of horizontally, so it's practically impossible to run a report with, say, 10 days of attendance, and try to find which students missed which date of attendance, and which student did not, since the roll call file has each date separately, but vertically, and the students names are listed in sets of dates... it's hard to explain unless you do it and see it. I attached an example, removing students' names, but what is an easy way to tell which student missed one day or another?