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How do I ensure that the entire class can view and reply to Discussions that I have published?

Question asked by Matthew Blackburn on Sep 12, 2019
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I want to open a discussion board for students to participate outside of class by posting questions, comments etc. I have published a new discussion this week, and several students have been able to see it and reply on that thread (image: Canvas question.png). (The selection "Discussion" is also greyed out, even though I have Discussion settings set to "All can view and reply").


The problem is, a large number of students do not have access to this at all - one of my students did a screengrab of their access to the course website, showing the lack of the Discussion option in their menu (image: studentView_image003). I'm not sure how to rectify this. Again, some can view it and have replied successfully, but many others have the situation shown in the second image as well.


Thank you in advance for your suggestions!