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Student Peer Review Comments Not Visible

Question asked by MIchael Gibson on Dec 6, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2019 by Kelley L. Meeusen

I've used canvas over the last few years for my large university lecture course. This semester, I thought 'Hey, let's try this peer review thing' for the students' final submission. I enabled peer review for the assignment and selected 'Automatically Assign Reviews' in the options. At the assignment deadline, everyone was assigned classmates' assignments to review and the peer reviews started showing up for individual students as completed, as shown below. 

Great! What could go wrong, right? Well, I can't see the students' comments through any of the methods that are discussed in the wikis, and the students can't see them either. I've looked at this through my own account and on student computers and they just aren't there. My comments show up on the assignment, just not the students comments. Yet Canvas is showing the peer review as completed. I've also tried this on multiple browsers with the same result.

Caption: The sad face does not actually appear in the comment panel. I have added here to emphasize how sad I'm feeling.


Is there a global setting for the course that is preventing the comments from showing up? Do I have an app or navigation component disabled that would be essential for student comments to be visible (i.e. Discussions)? 


If anybody here can solve this, I offer you an honorary 'A' in Environmental Systems in Architecture 1* and I probably wouldn't get fired because I think I might have tenure. THANK YOU