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How to build an LTI tool for my Web app using PHP?

Question asked by Samuel mca on Oct 2, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2019 by Mahmoud Abdo
I've done my research for over 10 days on how to build an LTI but unfortunately, I couldn't find a clear instruction on how to make a website an LTI so it can be integrated as an External App into the Canvas LMS?
Let me explain what I'm trying to achieve:
Our Website is iGoWrite | Process to Writing Proficiency  and we are trying to integrate this website into one of Canvas's consumer Proximity Learning ( to whom we have signed a contract with. Just like an "Acclaim LTI" we are trying to build an LTI for our website so it can be placed inside the Proximity Students' Canvas account
like in,
1. Account Navigation
2. Course Navigation
3. User Navigation
We tried using "Redirect tool" and placed our website in the Course Navigation (screenshot attached). However, we are not able to receive the "User ID" i.e. Student who has clicked that button so we can authenticate him directly into his iGoWrite account without having to login again on our website. So, please advise what we need to do to get the Student's User ID? If Redirect tool will not help then please advise us how to build our own LTI and who we should contact to know the basics of how to make our website an LTI compliant so that we can also be listed as one of the "External Apps" available for the students to Add into their account.
Hope I've made myself clear in what I'm trying to achieve. Your help here is greatly appreciated!
Many thanks in advance!