Taylor Barnett

Can I meet with a trainer to go over how a trainer like myself would help my company prepare for switching to Canvas?

Discussion created by Taylor Barnett on Oct 17, 2019
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My name is Taylor and I am the Technical Trainer at a university. We recently decided to stop developing our own LMS and switch to Canvas, which is a HUGE change for many different departments. 


I just wanted to reach out, because it seems you guys have a very robust team of trainers and I would love to hear about how I can help our company with this transition. We have instructors who work on campus, but most of them work remotely. We also have course designers, instructional designers, a help desk, a Colleague team, so tons of departments to address! Any help in getting a training plan going before the rollout happens (which likely won't be for another year or so) would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you all so much!