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Where are my sub account outcomes?

Question asked by Kalli Binkowski on Oct 16, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2019 by Chad Scott

So I'm just starting to play with outcomes for one of our departments.  We have a sub account just for their course.  I went to admin, clicked on that sub account and created some outcomes for that sub account.  I double checked.  The sub account name is always in the breadcrumbs when I'm looking at the outcomes and outcome groups I made.


I then created an assignment in a class that is in that sub account. When i click + Rubric and the find outcomes, I have no outcomes listed.  I saw somewhere there is a sync delay but it's been at least a few hours since I put in the first outcome.  Is it a day's delay?  


In trying to see the outcomes I:

  • enabled outcomes in settings - nothing there either
  • Turned on the mastery learning gradebook in Feature options - no changes.
  • Refreshed the page, also logged out and back in - No change, though in refresh it looks like something pops up in the outcome list for a millisecond and disappears.  Too fast to read it.


I must be missing something obvious or is there some setting I'm unaware of at the sub account level that is preventing the outcomes from feeding down to the courses?  What am I doing wrong?