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Trouble submitting a video on canvas discussion

Question asked by Saul Cobian on Oct 21, 2019
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Hello I need help on trying to submit a video onto a canvas discussion. Its for my speech class, and I have been trying to upload it for the past few days but it either kicks me off the whole website or it just wont load or it even just says saving reply and I've waited for a whole hour and it never posted. I have tried submitting it through my phone and it didn't work, I have tried transporting the video onto my laptop and tried submitting it through my laptop and it still didn't work. I recorded the video with my IPhone 8 plus just in case you need to know what type of phone it is. The video length is under 2 minutes, its a speech and I have to submit it but I haven't been able too I need help on how to submit it and I need to know why I'm not able too. Please any assistance would be helpful, I have tried everything, thank you.