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Consistent style for pages with embedded text vs. text drawn from file via Iframe?

Question asked by Juan Leon on Dec 9, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2019 by Juan Leon

When we use the Canvas editor to write text-based content into a page, the style of the text displayed when the page is rendered is different from the style we see when we pull the same text from a separate file linked to the page via Iframe.


We've taken care to add no markup to the text in the file pulled via Iframe (other than <p> ...  </p>).  And when we examine the embedded text via the HTML view provided by the editor it holds no markup other than the paragraph tags.


What could be causing the difference in display?  Is this an issue related to how/when Iframe content is handled in the page rendering sequence, perhaps?


We'd like to have the style of content pulled into a page appear exactly the same--whether that content has been embedded on a page or it has been pulled in via an Iframe.


Any ideas on how to achieve this would be appreciated.