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How do I integrate Quizzes, Outcomes and Learning Mastery?

Question asked by John Baird on Dec 13, 2019
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Dear All,


John here – new to Canvas and this community and looking for some help understanding how to integrate use of Quizzes, Outcomes and Learning Mastery in Grades.


Please find below a detailed description of what I have done (Steps 1-8) and the questions it has raised (in purple italics).


Apologies for cross posting to both the ´Outcomes´ and ´Quizzes´ group but I wasn´t sure where was the best place to locate this query. (Is there a protocol around placing questions?)


Many thanks for your time on this.




Quizzes – Outcomes – Learning Mastery in Grades


To test this functionality, I followed the process below:


  1. In Outcomes I represented my Programme Learning Outcome (PLO) as an Outcome Group and called this PLO1- ´Use the four basic operations of arithmetic´.
  2. Within this Outcome Group/PLO, I created 4 sub-outcomes: LO1.1 ´Add numbers´, LO1.2 ´Multiply numbers´, LO1.3 ´Subtract numbers´ and LO1.4 ´Divide numbers´
  3. For LOs 1.1-1.4, I used the Canvas default settings (see Figure 1).


Figure 1

Figure 1


My understanding of the rubric in Figure 1 is that in order for a student to demonstrate ´Meets Expectations´ for this LO, they need to accumulate 3 points from course assessments that are aligned with this LO. Is this understanding correct?




4. I next created 4 questions banks in Quizzes. I named each bank per my 4 LOs (see Figure 2)


Figure 2

Figure 2


5. I then created 3 questions (1 point each) that assessed each LO and aligned those questions with the relevant LO (see Figure 3). I set mastery at 60% (the Canvas default).


Figure 3


Figure 3


I am unclear what ´mastery at 60%´ means.


  • Does it refer to 60% of questions in a particular quiz?
    • If so, does this mean that a quiz can only assess one specific outcome? Is it not possible to design a quiz that contains questions aligned with several outcomes?
  • Does it refer to 60% of the points available for a particular LO (in my example 3 points – 3 questions x 1 point each)?


Scenario A: So, to demonstrate Mastery of each LO, a student needs to answer 2 of the 3 questions correctly (60% of 3 points = 1.8 points). Is this understanding correct?


Scenario B: Let´s say that I decide that LO 1.2 – ´Multiply numbers´ is the most challenging outcome for my learners to achieve so I decide to give them additional opportunities during my course to demonstrate their achievement of it. To that end, I offer them 2 Quizzes, each with 3 questions (1 point per question). To demonstrate Mastery of this LO, a student now needs to answer 4 of the 6 questions correctly (60% of 6 points = 3.6 points). Is this understanding correct?


  • What does this mean in terms of the rubric in Figure 1 which states that ´Meets Expectation´ requires 3 points?
  •  Do I need to keep track of how many question points are aligned with each LO and manually update each rubric to reflect this?


  • In the case of Scenario A and B above, does this mean that the rubrics for LO1.1, 1.3 and 1.4 would need to be ammended as below


Figure 4Figure 4


and that the rubric for LO1.2 - ´Multiply numbers´, would now look like this?


Figure 5


Figure 5


6. Next, I created a Graded Quiz. The Quiz had 4 questions – one per LOs 1.1-1.4. Therefore, there are 4 points available for this Quiz (4 questions x 1 point per question).


7.  Then I acted as a Test Student and took the quiz, answering all questions correctly.


8. When, as the student, I check my results in Learning Mastery, I see that I have achieved a score of 5/5 for LOs 1.1-1.4 and, therefore, have mastered all of these LOs and by extension PLO1: ´Use the four basic operations of elementary arithmetic.´


Figure 6


Figure 6

For the life of me I don´t understand how this is possible given that each question is only worth one point. Please help!


My sincerest thanks in advance for any guidance you can offer.


Best Wishes,