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API For Real Time Notification On Assignment Submission

Question asked by Jumoke Oladimeji on Oct 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2020 by Brett Dalton

At my company, where we use canvas, we assign assignments submitted by users to people(who are not peers) for review. Hence we do not use the peer review feature but created our own system where we run a cron job daily to assign people assignment submissions and notify them of the assigned submissions afterwards using a mailing library.

What the intend to do
Right now we want to take the next step of making it real time. That is, we want to assign submissions to and notify reviewers immediately assignments are submitted.


1. Please explain how the notification features work. Can they be used with external tools?
2. Is there a way to implement web sockets or server-sent events on Canvas (and if so is there an API for it) such that it can be known when a user makes an assignment submission?
3. Is there documentation to the above questions?