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Molecular Animations

Question asked by David Jollie on Jan 17, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2020 by Robert Carroll

I have developed quite a few pages that display #interactive molecular animations that all depend upon a Javascript library called Jmol. All of the pages work as developed both from local windows directory AND from a Linux server. 


SOME of the pages work well in Canvas - some do not.

I cannot figure out why the operation in Canvas is so capricious. They all depend upon the same set of files and are in the same HTML template.


as an example the link below is for a particular file displayed from a Linux server.  the part that is of interest is at the bottom of the page.

this same file set up in Canvas in the same directory structure will not even display the Javascript menu items.

(the Javascript that changes the static pictures at the top of the page works in both places just fine)

The HTML page is attached. I figure there is an issue in the HTML that only rears its head in Canvas.

Anybody know where the issue might be?#