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How can I import a course file from my college Canvas platform into my Teacher Canvas platform when I do not see an "import file" option in the Teacher Canvas Platform?

Question asked by Beverly Rubik on Jan 19, 2020

I exported a Canvas Course (file type is imscc) that I developed at a college where I teach. Now I want to import it into my teacher canvas platform where I will modify it for other nonprofit use.  I have the course file among my files in the teacher canvas platform, but I cannot preview it or open it as a course.  Also, I tried sending the file to the New Course folder, but it only became a file in that course that also would not open.  So, my problem is that I cannot open the course file whatsoever in my teacher canvas platform.  


Moreover, the HELP Section tells me to use "Settings" and Import the course file.  However, my Settings Section in the teacher canvas platform does NOT have an IMPORT FILE selection.  


So, how can I import the course file properly so that it will open in my teacher canvas platform as a course?